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A passion for baking leads to happiness on Georgia’s film sets

Before Beth Castro created a Marvel wrap-party cake that sparked international rumors she was a home-baker who wowed friends and family for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. For years, they had a delicious preview of what would eventually turn into one of the Georgia film industry’s go-to caterers: Elizabeth’s Catering.

Along with her head chef, “Levy” Bedminster, they provide everything from cakes and pastries to burger bars and vegan meals. But Elizabeth’s Catering would never have gotten off the ground if she hadn’t taken a risk first.

“Like so many people that have baking as a passion, I took the leap and opened a bakery and coffee shop in Buckhead in 2012,” says Beth. “Pretty quickly we got lucky. We got an account with Nordstrom and provided pastries for three of its locations, and we got an account with Trader Joe’s. But we also started doing a lot of custom cakes.”

One of those custom creations ended up kickstarting her career in the film industry when she got a call from a craft services rep who was working on a film in Atlanta.

“They asked us to do a birthday cake for an actor, and they loved it. The same guy called us back a few days later to do some quiches and muffins,” says Beth. “And they kept calling back for more.”

It didn’t take long for one of the actors to fall in love with a pastry she made. When an accident caused the film to temporarily shut down, the actor’s assistant was in constant contact with Beth completing order after order. Eventually, she found herself baking a birthday cake for Chevy Chase while he was working in Georgia.

“After that we started getting noticed a lot more since it was a pretty elaborate cake,” says Beth. “More calls kept coming and coming, so I made the decision to sell the bakery and focus on film and television catering.”

Since that decision, celebrities like Tom Cruise have called her to work on their set, and TMZ even wrote an article wondering if her Marvel wrap-party cake hinted at the finale of “Avengers: Endgame.”

“One of the characters was holding up Thanos and that led to a lot of speculation online. We ended up on TMZ,” says Beth. “But those elaborate cakes are just the kind we do.”

Fame and publicity aren’t high on the company’s priority list. Elizabeth’s Catering doesn’t even advertise. All of its business and growth has come from film and TV crew spreading the news and talking about how much they loved the catering. And that’s what really matters to Beth.

“Being able to go from a little bakery to being talked about on social media, I’m really grateful and blessed,” says Beth. “It makes my heart swell when people are happy with the food we provide.”



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