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An artist’s entry to the "The Upside Down"

Chad Embree is an artist and lifetime resident of Rome. He’s also an ambitious entrepreneur who used his social media marketing skills to snag a coveted job in Georgia’s film industry for himself and his employees.

Chad has spent the last two decades as a residential and commercial painter and he’s passionate about what he does. Chad says his company, Embree Painting, has a strict focus on attention to detail and producing high quality work, which he posts photos of on his company’s Facebook page. These before and after photos along with posts of his own creative artwork helped him land the dream job for his company.

In early 2021, Chad received a message on Facebook about an opportunity to take on a painting project for the highly anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

“It was unbelievable. One day I’m posting a time-lapse video of my work on Facebook and the next day, I get a message from a stranger asking if I want my dreams to come true,” said Chad. “It was the biggest project I’ve taken on during my career.”

Chad and his team of eight painters took six days to transform a landmark Victorian mansion in Rome from the infamous “Creel House,” which was featured in “Stranger Things,” back to its original glory after filming was completed.

“Since ‘Stranger Things’ released, we’ve seen a significant increase in our bookings,” says Chad. “I would love to continue helping productions turn ideas into reality for the film industry.”



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