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Army veteran leads “Movie MacGyvers” of the Georgia film industry

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Jason Benton, owner of Great Dane Production Services, often hears that from location managers looking for a vendor to solve a problem.

Jason and his crew have been referred to as the “Movie MacGyvers” because like MacGyver, they have a knack for unconventional problem solving. If there’s a weird job that needs to get done on a production, Great Dane Production Services figures out a way.

During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Great Dane is helping studios get back to work. The company is approved to provide sanitation and decontamination services for several production offices.

Solving problems for the film industry has been a lucrative challenge for the company. Since 2016, Great Dane Production Services has worked on more than 140 productions and expanded from one employee with a pickup truck to seven full-time employees, five part-time employees, four trucks and a 5,000 square foot warehouse in Tucker.

Jason quickly realized the film industry offered tremendous potential for work. He closed his biohazard company and started Great Dane Production Services. His company now focuses almost solely on film work, juggling 19 different productions during the summer of 2019 alone.

The company does everything from testing for air quality in abandoned buildings to site preparation, restoration and cleanup. Jason and his team remove railroad ties, jackhammer out metal bollards, clean and refresh musty air from vacant buildings, clean up trash, and remove biohazardous human waste. Nothing is too strange or unglamorous.

Great Dane also cleans sound stages. Before the coronavirus outbreak halted

“The Georgia film industry has created awesome, well-paying jobs for our state,” says Jason. “It’s created tremendous opportunity for my family and



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