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Business blossoms for Atlanta company supplying tv, film industry

Halls Atlanta Wholesale Florist is an old family business that's found a new niche in the still-growing film and tv production industry.

By Jennifer Leslie

At Halls Atlanta Wholesale Florist, you'll find the most unusual fresh blooms from all over the world.

But sometimes, customers want something different.

"They needed dead flowers, really old dead flowers," Supply Manager Mark Bell explained to 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

He found a way when set decorators for "The Walking Dead" placed a big order.

"We killed a bunch of flowers for them. We took our old product and saved in boxes, let it die, break down, decay and dry and then sold that to them for the shots," Bell added.

Another unusual request came from Marvel movies, which wanted 240 cases of fresh moss for the "Black Panther's" jungle landscapes.

"This is what they were using in the nooks and crannies," Bell said. "The movie guys used that up in six weeks."

Movie and tv productions have become a big part of Hall's business, boosting the bottom line by close to $1 million over the last five years.

"We had one purchase one afternoon in the tens of thousands," Bell said.

He explained that the "The Vampire Diaries" placed a huge order for silk flowers a few years ago so they wouldn't wilt during shooting.

The new "Dynasty" series also came calling recently and bought silks for an elaborate wedding scene.

"They needed these huge arrangements," Bell said. "And actually, the primary instructor for our design school executed those arrangements."

Halls was founded in 1921.

It's an old family business that's found a new niche in a still-growing industry.



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