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Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta expands with third production facility

A recently purchased warehouse brings Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta’s production space to nearly 800,000 square feet in three metro Atlanta locations.

Purchased in June, the 150,000-square-feet facility — approximately one mile from Eagle Rock’s Norcross location — was immediately booked by ABC Signature for a multi-year contract.

“It was definitely the right time to expand,” says Beth Talbert, Vice President / General Manager Studio Operations for Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta. “Our phones haven’t stopped ringing. There is a pent-up demand for content, and stages in Georgia are in such high demand.”

Eagle Rock Studios’ three locations — two in Norcross and one in Stone Mountain – are owned by Eagle Rock Distributing Co., an Anheiser Busch distributor who found itself with an abundance of warehouse space that was converted and opened as sound stages in 2015, an opportune time when numerous productions were looking for studio space in Georgia. The third-generation family-owned business transformed warehouses into state-of-the-art studio space specially designed to fit the needs of film and television productions.

Eagle Rock Studios’ currently hosts a number of productions, including the new original musical drama “Queens,” “Dynasty,” and “The Wonder Years.” Previous productions at its facilities include “Devious Maids,” “Genius,” “Greenleaf,” “Mother’s Day,” “Ozark,” “The Passage,” and “Underground Railroad.”

Its original Norcross location, with 470,000 square feet of space, is the largest stage complex under one roof in the United States. It includes three production office hubs and four 30,000-square-foot stages. Eagle Rock Studios features an expansive main breezeway, 40 loading docks surrounding the facility, and storage and support space that includes shops and areas for holding and catering.

“The opportunity here in Georgia keeps growing, and we’re proud to contribute to the state’s thriving film and TV production industry,” says Beth, a board member of the Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance. “Every full stage means hundreds of jobs every day here.”



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