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Film industry drives growth of Georgia chauffeur service

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

A company that counts corporate transportation as its bread and butter credits Georgia’s growing film industry for a significant portion of its recent growth.

Casey Corporate Transportation (CCT) has found a new niche that takes its fleet of cars beyond the business traveler to wrap parties, celebrity airport runs and other chauffeur services that require discretion.

Chad and Sonia Casey

“I’ve really seen the market boom in the past few years thanks to Georgia’s film industry,” says owner Chad Casey, who says film industry-related work accounts for a big chunk of the company’s 75 percent growth this year.  “And that segment of our business is only going to continue grow.”

Chad founded CCT in 2003 after a stint in the restaurant business. Today the South Fulton resident employs about five drivers and has created professional links between transportation companies around the country to help provide seamless transportation to travelers, particularly those flying between Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Recent engagements linked CCT to the cast of Dynasty, filmed in and around metro Atlanta early this year. The CW remake of the popular 1980s prime-time soap debuted in October.

“From airport runs to cast parties, there is opportunity for us all around,” says Chad.

“We’re excited to be a part of something big.”



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