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‘Georgia can be the place of what’s new and what’s next’

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Some people have a vision for Georgia’s expanding role in film, television and digital entertainment. Others actively make their vision happen. Paul Jenkins is one of those others.

His work goes beyond film and television to include the creation and production of graphic novels and video games. This is the world of cross-media development filled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and comic characters like Spider-Man, Batman, the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine. He has been nominated for two BAFTA awards for his video game work, and also wrote and directed “Axanar,” a notable Star Trek film project.

Because Paul believes in Georgia as a growing center of entertainment production, his mantra is simple: “If not here, where? If not me, who?”

Paul is firmly committed to continuing to create these opportunities in Georgia.

Paul Jenkins

“Georgia can be the place of what’s new and what’s next,” says Paul, an industry catalyst who has helped educate Georgia lawmakers on the evolution of digital and interactive technologies. “The Georgia film office is doing a great job attracting larger film projects, but we must build on that by teaching people to move across different creative disciplines.”

Paul brought the same message to the advisory board of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and as an instructor at Kennesaw State University.

Born in the West County of the United Kingdom, Jenkins came to the United States in 1987 as an instructor in music and drama for learning-disabled children. He now lives in rural Forsyth County.

He started his company, META Studios, in 2014. In Greek, “meta” signifies a change or alteration, but Jenkins used the word to stand for Media Education Technology Advancement.

“My objective is to move things forward for the community we live in, to provide opportunities to younger people,” he says. “I’m encouraging people who have been told they can’t do something by showing them how they can.”

For example, Paul is currently developing a YouTube channel that allows people to “look behind the curtain” to learn how products are made.

Paul has seen the talent and infrastructure develop in Georgia, and he recognizes that demand for talent is expanding faster than the supply. That growing demand reinforces his mission to pursue the development of professional excellence in local talent.

“I’ve watched the quality of the crews in Georgia get better through a constant pursuit of excellence,” he says.

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