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Getting Back to It

Occasionally we check-in with some of the people featured in our stories to learn how their careers are progressing in Georgia’s production industry. Here’s an update on Terrence Williams.

When the pandemic hit, Augusta’s Indie Grip business slowed down until March 2021. In between, Terrence Williams and his small team made do with commercials and other work, before working on a Netflix show with big-time wrestler The Undertaker.

Now, Terrence plans to teach classes for people who want to get involved in production work. His work has grown to include productions in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Closer to home, he’s happy to see Augusta locals working on a Dennis Quaid baseball movie called “The Hill.”

“We’re going to get to a place where we used to be,” says Terrence. “I feel like it’s where we need to be.”


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