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Here comes the WaterMan!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

“Hey, the water man is here!”

The “water man” sounded pretty catchy to Greg Reece. So catchy, it stuck with him to this day and has now been passed on to his company WaterMan Spring Water in Athens, a company that has been providing water to everyone from film crews to local businesses for decades.

“One production will typically order at least 120 cases, plus rent coolers with 5-gallon bottles,” Greg says. “It fills the truck up.”

For some productions, especially those filming in Georgia’s summer heat, it’s up to 300 gallons of water each week.

Before Greg Reece was the go-to source for on-site hydration, he was punching the clock every day working for the city of Athens.

“It was steady pay, but I’ve always believed that to be financially secure you should have more than one source of income,” Greg says.

That other source of income would come in the form of a friend with a water delivery business. Greg began delivering water with his friend in between shifts and learning the in’s and out’s of the work.

Business was good — at his frequent stops he’d hear “Here comes the water man!” What started as a nickname became a thriving business. One that

delivers to homes, businesses and productions alike.

“Productions provide us a chance to do something different,” Greg said. “They drop in for a couple months and we deliver water to them each week. Then just as quick as they come along, they’re gone.”   

The WaterMan Spring Water has been providing water to Georgians since 2000, and has no plans of slowing down.

“Our growth has been all through word of mouth,” he says. “We appreciate every customer, from the small businesses to the big productions.”



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