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Hometown Gets Big-Time Work

Occasionally we check-in with some of the people featured in our stories to learn how their careers are progressing in Georgia’s production industry. Here’s an update on Sara Alread.

Film production has come full circle for Brunswick native Sara Alread.

This year, she worked on a Marvel movie (code name: “Summer Break”) in her hometown, and it’s the first time since her very first production, “Live by Night,” in 2015.

Sara lives on St. Simon’s Island with her husband and daughter, and works most days in Savannah. There’s been plenty of work including “Devotion” and “The Glorias.”

“I have jumped from one thing to the next,” says Sara. “That has been the reason I have stayed in Savannah and in Georgia. Fortunately, there has been enough opportunity for me to be able to do that.”



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