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Husband and wife team create storyboards for Georgia’s major productions.

As a young kid, Brian McGee spent hours watching his father draw everything from doodles to portraits. That early fascination laid the groundwork for a passion that helped him build his career in New York, California, and now, Georgia.

His career not only brought him to Georgia, it connected him with the woman who would become his business partner, and then his wife.

While working as an illustrator for Turner’s Cartoon Network in Georgia, Brian met Audrey Beharie. Her background in the entertainment industry helped them launch their own company.

“Brian and I met in 2010 and realized we had a lot in common. So, in 2012 B.R.E Productions International was officially formed,” says Audrey. “I source projects in Georgia and make contacts. I handle the confidentiality agreements so we can receive the script and begin working on the scenes that they need storyboarded. Those are some parts of the business that I get done to create a sense of stability with the client.”

When they first met, Brian saw the type of business acumen that an artist could use when dealing with multiple productions, and it didn’t take long for her to start representing.

“I don’t know too many storyboard artists in Georgia who work the way I do,” says Brian. “But with Audrey by my side, it allows me to have a second set of ears and eyes. In business, two brains are always better than one!”

By working as Brian’s agent, Audrey leverages Georgia’s attractiveness as a film destination to draw in clients. B.R.E has created storyboards for productions such as “Lovecraft Country”, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, “Ozark”, and Marvel property

“The Gifted.”, amongst others.

“The advent of Atlanta and Georgia as a world hub for productions has been beneficial to us,” says Audrey.

It was actually one of Georgia’s first major successes that helped B.R.E get plugged into the industry.

“One day out of the blue, someone called me to work on a project for a ‘little’ cable show called ‘The Walking Dead’. ‘I was like ‘What?! That’s my favorite show!’ It was a great experience,” says Brian. “That led to other opportunities such as ‘Blockers’, ‘Goosebumps 2’, ‘MacGyver’, ‘HoliDate’ and ‘Good Girls.’ Living in Georgia has been more fruitful for me than living in Los Angeles!”



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