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IndieGrip helps build a niche market in ‘the space in between’

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

With movie and TV locations more and more commonly used in Atlanta and Savannah, a company in Augusta is finding a niche in the space between. It’s been the site of numerous small films, and Clint Eastwood is currently shooting “The Mule” there.


“Somebody said I was doing a good job and asked if I’d like to try my hand at movies,” said Williams, now manager and one of three full-time employees at IndieGrip.

He said the company, which provides equipment and crew to productions, has tripled its business. “They gave me the opportunity to try my hand on that, and it went from there.”

That first movie was called “The Reason,” with Louis Gossett Jr.

IndieGrip has supported productions including “Detroit Crossing” and “Hollywood Dirt.”  Williams, who works as a key grip arranging equipment and lighting on sets, said the company also works on TV commercials and music videos, in addition to independent films.

TerrenceWilliams on set

“If we were to lose that tax credit, like they have in other states, that would put a damper on things,” Williams said. “We’re actually getting business from Louisiana and North Carolina.”

Williams loves the work and its challenges.

“It’s constantly changing every day,” he said. “Day to day, hour to hour.”



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