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Legislative Resolutions Honor Georgians Working in State’s Film/TV Industry

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

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ATLANTA (Monday, Feb. 24, 2020) — The Georgia General Assembly today issued Resolutions praising Georgians working in the state’s film and television industry, an honor that marks the release of a new book #WeAreGaFilm.

Produced by The Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance (GSIA), which represents local investment in Georgia’s film and television production industry, the book #WeAreGaFilm includes dozens of stories about Georgians across the state who support the industry through jobs ranging from catering and transportation to location management and special effects.

Senate Resolution 755 and House Resolution 1193 recognize “the tens of thousands of hard-working citizens in the State of Georgia’s film and television industry” and the leadership role of GSIA in supporting Georgians who work in the industry.

#WeAreGaFilm includes 60 stories, with regional spotlights on Barnesville, Covington, Metro Atlanta, Rome and Savannah. Georgians from towns like Sharpsburg, Thomasville and Lawrenceville are featured in the book, which emphasizes the real-person impact the industry has on the state.

“We live here, we work here, our families are growing up here,” says Beth Talbert, head of the GSIA and Vice President of Studio Operations, Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta. “The Alliance has made it a priority to tell the stories of Georgians working in the film and television industry, and building lives and families around these careers. We’re proud to share a collection of these stories in our book, #WeAreGaFilm.”

Founded in 2014, GSIA is anchored by a core group of studios that includes Atlanta Filmworks, Eagle Rock Studios, EUE/Screen Gems Studios, Mailing Avenue Stageworks, and Triple Horse Studios. Infrastructure members — companies that provide support services to production studios and their clients — include Cofer Bros., Cinelease, Crafty Apes, Enterprise Entertainment and Production Rentals, Herc Entertainment Rentals, Lightnin’ Production Rentals, Moonshine Post-Production, PC&E, and Sim Digital Inc.

Members of GSIA serve the film and television industry in a variety of ways, including providing studio space, camera equipment, visual effects and post-production services, HVAC, power equipment, truck and car rentals and building materials — and all have invested in the long-term success of the state’s growing production business.

About Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance: GSIA is a unified voice representing studios and other companies essential to the industry’s infrastructure to the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and any other state entities dealing with the regulation of the entertainment industry. A key initiative of the organizations is its on-going sharing of stories about Georgians building careers and changing their lives through employment and opportunity in the state’s film and television industry. Read those stories on its blog page and Facebook page.



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