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Macon native hooked on production career

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Catina Jones 2 (1)

“The industry then was only a glimpse of what it is now,” Catina says. “But I was hooked by Cooper’s enthusiasm. I wanted to be a part of making movies.”

The path forward for the native of Macon and graduate of Mary Persons High School in Forsyth wasn’t clear, so she made her own way. “I was just annoying and aggressive about meeting people and learning new things because I desperately wanted to get experience, to learn more about the business and the players,” she says. And she hasn’t stopped learning.

Her “next big thing” was during the Olympics when she worked on the crew videotaping the boxing at the Georgia Tech venue. That experience helped prepare her for a seven-year run making music videos.

Catine Jones 1

By 2007 Catina was studying film production at UCLA — and getting calls from Georgia as the state’s film industry was building momentum and attracting production talent to the state. She came back to work as a production coordinator and supervisor for various studios and independent companies. Her “annoying and aggressive” drive for experience was paying off in her ability to fashion a make-it-yourself career.

“I love what I do helping producers manage everything from costumes and props to tracking the spending,” says Catina. “I learn something new on every single show.”


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