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Marietta family back home again, thanks to production opportunities

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Christine Bernhard is a Georgia native who is happy to be back. She and her husband work in rigging on TV and movie productions and recently moved to Marietta when film industry jobs dried up in Florida.

Now they have so many opportunities to work the problem is finding downtime.

“There’s more film work in Georgia than we can handle and we’re very thankful for that,” Christine says.

Lighting and rigging technicians, called grips, are


Christine is a quick study. She learned on the job from her husband Justin Bernhard, who’s also a grip. She learned so well she landed a job on this holiday season’s “Office Christmas Party” as a rigging grip. Christine worked with the First Unit, the grips who work closest to the actors. “Jason Bateman was really cool and down to earth,” she said.

Seeing celebrities at work is fun, but Christine is happy to do everything. She’s worked in craft services, rigging, painting and set construction. Right now you can find her working on the production of Oprah Winfrey’s “Greenleaf Season 2.” She paints sets, furniture and signs. She’s even working on aging the sets and props by beating on them with rocks and hammers.

“Moving back to Georgia changed our lives drastically for the better,” Christine says. “It’s been very good for our family.”



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