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McDonough resident finds key to opening Georgia’s film industry door

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

How does a local kid with dreams of creating movies get his foot in the door of Georgia’s billion-dollar film industry? Darrius Tucker of McDonough found a way.

Darrius Tucker 1

In addition to “The Walking Dead,” Darrius has worked on “Black Panther,” the newest “Avengers,” and several other productions as a locations assistant. The locations team readies the site for filming, including setting up parking, tents, catering, restrooms, trash disposal and air conditioning.

“We’re ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the behind-the-scenes work on films,” says Darrius.

The locations team puts out fires before they cause problems, like ensuring everyone who is on set is supposed to be there. On “The Walking Dead,” they had to watch for “walker stalkers” — fans who sneak onto sets to take pictures.

His most memorable experience was working on “Black Panther” for six months. On one cold day he had to hide from the camera’s view and keep Black Panther warm.

“You can’t see me on film, but it’s exciting to think I was on set for those scenes,” says Darrius.

“I’m really happy and excited that Georgia is the new hub for film. They’re hiring more and more Georgians on these productions. It gives me hope.”



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