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On-Set Medical Care Keeps Couple Busy

Occasionally we check-in with some of the people featured in our stories to learn how their careers are progressing in Georgia’s production industry. Here’s an update on Andrea and Christopher McDougal.

As on-set medics before, during and after COVID-19, Andrea and Christopher McDougal have had a different angle on the pandemic’s effects on the industry.

McDougal Movie Medics has provided emergency services for productions since 2012. The pandemic added layers of challenging protocol for staffing, especially when hiring day players, according to Andrea McDougal, a Columbus native.

"2020 just messed everybody up," she says.

But as hard as the pandemic has been on everyone, she says fewer people showed up to work with highly transmissible colds and other ordinary illnesses that can play havoc with productions.

Since last year, the pair have stayed “crazy busy” with back-to-back productions including “MacGyver,” “DMZ” and “Naomi.”



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