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Savannah production manager keeps busy — and keeps her friends busy, too

When she was young, sleepovers became film sets as Megan Lombardo made movies with her friends playing the starring roles.

"I was always making videos as a little girl," she says. "I don't remember ever wanting to do anything else."

Now, as a unit production manager in Savannah, she's still doing what she loves … and her friends are still part of it.

"I'm employing everyone I've ever known, and more," Megan says. "We have a lot of work here in Savannah. We are in an amazing spot right now."

Her current project is a series for Sony Pictures Television, just one of the many productions filming in Savannah.

A native of Pennsylvania, Megan attended Penn State and moved to New York after graduation. She worked there until her late 20s when she headed to Savannah to get her graduate degree at SCAD.

"I had never been to Savannah. I fell in love," she says. Even so, she returned to New York, thinking that would be better for her career.

"I joined the Director's Guild of America and went back to New York and worked like crazy," she says.

SCAD had offered her a teaching job right before she graduated and told her the job would be waiting for her when she changed her mind.

"I was working on 'Veep' and freezing in Baltimore,” says Megan. “I flew to Savannah the very next weekend and bought a house."

Megan continued to work up north in the summer and taught at SCAD during the winter.

Children ultimately changed that. She and her partner have two.

Now that their oldest is in school, they decided the children needed a home base. They chose Savannah. And there is plenty of work.

"This is the busiest I've ever seen Savannah,” says Megan, who credits the tax incentive for her work and jobs for her friends. And those friends, in turn, are good for Savannah. "We rent rooms, go to restaurants, call for Ubers and head to Tybee Island for the weekend."


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