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SCAD Grad Wears Lots of Hats at Third Rail

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Kyle Perry plays an essential role in the small but growing team at Atlanta’s Third Rail Studios, located on the site of the former General Motors assembly plant in metro Atlanta.  A graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a degree in photography, her job at the studio gives her the chance to put her creative side to work.


Following graduation, Kyle’s work was varied — human resources, managing events and even mixing in some photography here and there. But after about four years in HR, she wanted to get into a more creative job.

Kyle was offered a position at Third Rail Studios before there was even a studio built. The staff at the time? Kyle and the head of the studio. “I couldn’t pass up such a unique opportunity to be involved in a start-up at ground level with such responsibility,” Kyle says. “I was all in because, with only two of us (at the time), I knew there wouldn’t be a shortage of work.”

Now part of a growing team, Kyle stays flexible. One day, she’ll develop social media for Third Rail Studios or provide photographic content for the website. Another day might require walking the studio providing facility inspections checking for damages or safety concerns.

And she continues to fuel her creative side with freelance photography, drawing and painting for her own business whenever possible. If you are at the studio, check out some of her paintings in her office. Like we said, she wears many hats.



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