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Sharpsburg mom pads household budget with work as an extra

Terri Morales-Davis became a background actor out of curiosity. Now it's a longtime avocation that helps stretch the family budget.

"It pays for all the little extras," says the stay-at-home mother. "It's like a paid hobby."

Terri moved to Sharpsburg 11 years ago because of her husband's job.

"Walking Dead" was being filmed in nearby Senoia and she started paying attention to Facebook pages seeking extras.

She decided to go for it.

"The people who give it a try either get the bug or they hate it," she says. "It's a lot of hurry up and wait."

Terri loved it from the beginning. "There is a cool factor," she says.

She has lost count of how many productions she's been in during her nine years of background acting, but projects range from a DoorDash commercial to "The Tomorrow War," starring Chris Pratt.

"There were about 150 to 200 of us background actors on 'Tomorrow War,'" she says. "Because of the storyline we were all 35 and older."

Many scenes were shot throughout Georgia, but the production was based in Blackhall Studios east of Atlanta where Terri witnessed for herself some movie magic.

"They built a set that was a rooftop pool in Miami," she says. Watch the movie, and you'll recognize it right from the beginning. You'll also get a glimpse of Terri in action since she is one of the 10 rooftop jumpers.

Terri says she'll keep working as an extra and expects to stay busy. "There is plenty of work. I get regular availability checks all of the time."

At home, her enthusiasm was contagious. Her husband, who is now medically retired, has become a background actor himself.


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