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She's back(ground) at it

Occasionally we check-in with some of the people featured in our stories to learn how their careers are progressing in Georgia’s production industry. Here’s an update on Theresa Daniel.

When Covid-19 derailed productions in 2020, Theresa Daniel was out of action for a while, like countless others.

She went back in February, on a series called “The First Lady” with Michelle Pfeiffer. Since then, there’s been no shortage of background work on movie and TV productions for the retired school teacher from Macon, who made her screen debut as an extra for an indie production filmed in Monroe in 2013. Since then, she’s supplemented her retirement income with work on nearly 100 productions around the state.

In 2021 alone, she worked on 14 productions, including Tyler Perry’s “Jazzman’s Blues,” whose crew transformed part of downtown Macon to the 1940s.

“It was fun going back. It was a good year,” she says. “A lot of good shows are coming that were filmed here in Georgia.”


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