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Single mom trades travel-heavy job for rewarding studio opportunity

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Rachel Fry, office manager at EUE/Screen Gems Studios Atlanta, is a proud mother to an energetic five-year-old boy. After building a career in sports TV production and reality TV, she had to figure out a way to continue her work and care for her son.

Atlanta’s booming film industry offered her a great opportunity to do both.

“I loved traveling for sports productions, but I had to find a city where I could work and care for my son,” says Rachel. “There are really only a few places where I could do that and Atlanta, with its many freelance opportunities and affordable cost of living, felt like a great choice as a single mother.”

After traveling for years for her career and flying her son across the country to stay with his grandparents while she was gone, Rachel moved to Atlanta and joined the EUE/Screen Gems team as an office manager in 2019.

As office manager for the bustling studio, Rachel uses her organizational skills honed over many years as a production coordinator to help her keep track of the many requests and issues that arise on a daily basis.

From a young age Rachel knew she wanted to work in TV. As a former athlete and self-proclaimed sports junky, sports production was a perfect fit after graduating from college with a degree in media communications.

Rachel began her career doing freelance work for leagues like AAA baseball, the NFL, MLB, college basketball and football, and the Drone Racing League. She expanded her skill set during this time working as a camera operator, production coordinator and director.

Rachel says she loves her job at EUE/Screen Gems. She especially enjoys working with the networks and keeping normal hours.

“It’s been hard building my career as a single mother in the film industry but coming to Atlanta changed my life,” says Rachel. “I can work in an industry that I love and have time for my son’s activities, too.”



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