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Unlikely businesses benefit from film impact

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

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Around the state, Georgia businesses have felt the film industry’s $9.5 billion economic impact. It’s seeped into all corners of the state and into some unlikely businesses.

Take Dvine Systems GA, for example. It’s a mental health therapy practice located on McDonough’s town square that saw an increase in walk in traffic during the filming of William H. Macy’s movie, “Krystal.”

According to Yaunte Dvine, practice administrator, people from the community who came to watch filming dropped in to see what kind of services Dvine Systems GA offers.

“Since we’re on the square, we keep our services discreet, so people feel comfortable coming to us,” says Yaunte. “With more foot traffic during filming, we were able to spread information about our services and got new patients out of it.”

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At first, owners Michele and Roger White were concerned that filming in McDonough’s square would hurt their growing business.

“But it turned out to be a blessing,” says Michelle, adding that the restaurant benefited from the crowds hoping to catch a glimpse of the filming and also fed some of the production staff. “We want to thank the Georgia filming industry for selecting small towns like McDonough for their locations. Small mom and pop businesses can actually benefit from the crowds who stop by to see what’s going on.”

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