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Dalton Rug Maker Provides On-Set Authenticity

Occasionally we check-in with some of the people featured in our stories to learn how their careers are progressing in Georgia’s production industry. Here’s an update on Myers Carpet.

Hollywood productions often call for specific, elaborate set decorations. Take the show “The First Lady,” for which Myers Carpet of Dalton produced three 38-foot oval rugs for the Oval Office sets of different administrations – from FDR to Obama.

“They try to be as authentic as they can,” co-owner Rick Myers says of set decorators. That’s great for his family business, which he owns with brother Ray Myers.

The company has provided custom rugs for a long list of titles, from “Anchorman 2” to “Black Panther.”

“It’s not just Atlanta that benefits from this. I’m sitting here in Dalton, and I’ve been benefiting from it since 2012,” says Rick.



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