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Film Academy paves the way for career at Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta

After moving to Georgia from Louisiana more than 30 years ago, Patrice Kelly worked many jobs and wore many hats. Housing manager. Sales support. Administration roles. She grew tired of her path through Corporate America, ready to do something that was going to make her happier.

Scrolling on her phone one day, she came across an article on the Georgia Film Academy. That was the sign she needed. She signed up for classes, ready to prepare for a career in a state that was thirsty for industry talent.

“At first I wanted to learn more about camera work, but once I get into the program, I realized how much goes into producing a movie, music video or commercial,” said Patrice, who took a variety of classes in 2018 and 2019 from the Georgia Film Academy’s campus at Clayton State University and Southern Crescent Technical College.

And she’s right. The Georgia Film Academy is training people of all ages in the fields of film and TV pre-production, film/TV post-production and digital entertainment in partnership with universities around the state.

Patrice’s route led her to an internship working in Locations. And after a few years of study and internships, she landed a job as the Locations Coordinator for Season 2 of the BET show “Bigger.”

When it was time to move on from “Bigger,” Patrice was ready for something new.

“The entertainment industry in Georgia has a lot to offer,” Patrice said. “I knew if I kept looking, I would find the best place for me.”

Patrice’s career in the entertainment industry has continued to grow. Now she is working as the Studio Administrator for Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, playing a role in nearly all the day-to-day activity.

With her daughter studying at Georgia State, her husband by her side and a steady career, it’s safe to say that Georgia is home.

“I’ve been here for years, and I’ve never been happier,” she says.


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