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For water scenes, TV and film productions call the pool guy

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

A single drop of water can contain millions of microbes. Most don’t bother humans, but some can be harmful. TV and film productions who shoot water scenes proceed with extra caution.

The film industry has been a great opportunity for Dewey’s company. He and his team have worked on more than 70 productions since 2010.

“The Georgia film industry has been a great revenue stream for our business,” says Dewey. “We’ve added almost 20 percent to our bottom line. The film work is demanding and challenging and so we’re able to increase our profit margin on those projects.”

Aquatic Environments, a family-owned Jonesboro company started in 1984, got its start in the film business from a former client who was the special effects coordinator on the horror film “The Crazies.” Dewey fixed a pool that wouldn’t hold water and brought in temporary equipment for the shoot.

After that first production came “The Vampire Diaries” during filming in a watery cave system. Dewey helped rig equipment around the underground rivers and stalactites and ensured the water was warm and balanced so the crew wouldn’t get cold and sick. For another scene, Dewey figured out a way to get fake blood in a hot tub that looked real and was sanitary.

And the work doesn’t stop at the productions. Aquatic Environments is getting more clients for its pool work from people working in the film industry who have moved to Atlanta and purchased homes with pools.

Dewey’s teams maintain many high-end pools used in productions or rented to people in the industry. Its clientele has grown from 250 weekly customers to 400.

“We thoroughly enjoy working with the amazing special effects people,” says Dewey. “This work is interesting. It’s fun. And it’s profitable.”



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