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He’s ‘Paying It Forward’ for Savannah Crew Hopefuls

Witt Lacy found an entry into film & TV as a production assistant in Charleston, S.C., a few years ago.

Now, after countless credits and rising through the ranks as an assistant director in Savannah, Witt is making sure other people get their chance, too.

“I was cultivated into becoming an AD,” he recalls. “When I came to Savannah, I realized there was a vacuum for assistant directing. This is my way to pay it forward. I felt like it was my duty to help others,” Witt says about the weekend-long “boot camps” he leads to help local people learn the basics of film production so they can seek work in the industry.

He presents real-world experience on the demands of the business. “I don’t pop the bubble of the dream, but I make sure they know what they’re getting into.”

His credits include the movie “Gemini Man” with Will Smith, the TV series “Army Wives” and Disney’s live-action version of “Lady and the Tramp.” Some of his “graduates” are currently working with him on productions now – one as production secretary and one as a payroll accountant. “I’m a proud papa when I hear that some of these kids move on to jobs on shows.”

Witt was photographing weddings in Charleston when a client invited him to work on his first show. With more productions coming to Georgia, he moved to Savannah in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. His first PA workshop drew about 10 or 15 people. The most recent brought in 60 applicants for 30 spots in the free program.

His goal now is to continue nurturing locals and to build up the opportunities for assistant directors in Savannah.


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