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Location pays off for Douglasville restaurant

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

What is it they say about location? Just ask the folks at Hudson Hickory House, a landmark restaurant in Douglasville.

Located across the street from the city jail, the popular restaurant made its film debut in ‘Star,’ a Fox series starring Queen Latifah. When floods in Los Angeles shut down production on a Sundance series —


Hudson Hickory House, originally opened by Buford Hudson in 1971, is the place to go for hickory-smoked anything in Douglas County and was a perfect location in a town filled with perfect locations.

Douglasville has had several turns in the spotlight in recent years. “Stranger Things” has been filming there for several years, and two years ago a set was built down the street from Hudson Hickory House to represent a McDonald’s franchise in “The Founder,” a movie about the expansion of the fast-foot chain starring Michael Keaton.

That makes the Hickory House location good for business in two ways –– as a watering hole for the casts and crew from the parade of film and TV productions coming to Douglasville, and as a great location for filming.

“It’s great for the town and for our business, “ says owner Scot Hudson. “The movie and TV people have treated us very well, and we love having them here.”



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