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Movie props from a world of plenty go to locals with so little

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Production of the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” required countless boxes of baby supplies: food, diapers, formula, cribs and more.

When filming was completed, producers paid it forward to local charities by donating those and more leftover props to the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

The top-brand goods ended up going to disadvantaged women who would never have been able to afford them on their own, says Ann Daane, United Way facility manager of the 22,000-square-foot warehouse where donated goods are organized for distribution to charities.

“We had people crying,” Daane says. “That’s how happy they were to get this stuff.”

What to expect.png

Since then, a handful of other movies and TV shows, including “The Walking Dead” and some that deferred publicity for their donations, have given furniture, artwork, kitchenware and more props after filming wrapped.

Just like many businesses solicit cash donations from employees for the United Way, others donate physical goods. This year, the total from all company benefactors totals $2.7 million worth of items, including the Hollywood props.

The items end up going to homeless shelters, homes for women and children in dangerous situations, and others among the 5,000 non-profits in metro Atlanta.

“It’s very rewarding to match up the excesses of our business community and now the film and TV productions with people who never have any excess,” Daane says.

The film and TV industry’s contributions represent “an incredible bounty for non-profit organizations and the vulnerable clients they serve,” Daane says. “If we can, say, provide furniture for a family, then they can focus on spending money on books for the kids, or food – all the ways that enable people to make better, healthier choices in their economic circumstances.”

For more information or to contribute, call Ann Daane at the United Way of Greater Atlanta, 404-558-7155.



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