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RH resident, home, featured in new book

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Richmond Hill native Buck Meeks, whose family owns a historic home in Richmond Hill that's been used for over 10 movie and television productions, is one of 60 people spotlighted in a new book called #WeAreGaFilm.

Produced by The Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance (GSIA), which represents local investment in Georgia’s film and television production industry, the book #WeAreGaFilm includes dozens of stories about Georgians across the state who support the industry through jobs ranging from catering and transportation to location management and special effects.

“The producers and crews want to come back to work on other projects, and we certainly want them back,” said Meeks, an owner of Myrtle Grove, which hosted cinematic productions such as “Glory” and “Underground" and more recently, "Emperor" which will premier in theaters nationwide on March 27.

“They have helped restore historic buildings like Myrtle Grove and have used the public lands responsibly. I really believe that film people are good neighbors,” Meeks said.

On Monday, the Georgia General Assembly issued Resolutions praising Georgians working in the state’s film and television industry, an honor that marks the release of the new book. Senate Resolution 755 and House Resolution 1193 recognize “the tens of thousands of hard-working citizens in the State of Georgia's film and television industry” and the leadership role of GSIA in supporting Georgians who work in the industry.


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